April 9, 2023

Resident Evil 4 Is Better On All Consoles After Update, Digital Foundry Says

Resident Evil 4, one of the most iconic and beloved video games in the survival horror genre, continues to captivate gamers even after its initial release […]
April 1, 2023

Destiny 2 Gets More Accessibility Improvements In Season Of The Deep

Bungie’s popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, Destiny 2, has always been committed to inclusivity and accessibility. With the recent release of Season of the Deep, […]
March 28, 2023

Techland Gauges Interest In Possible Dying Light 3

Techland, the developer of the popular zombie survival action role-playing game (RPG) series Dying Light, has recently revealed that they are actively gauging interest in the […]
March 24, 2023

15 Years Ago, Burnout Paradise Redefined What An Arcade Racing Game Could Be

In 2008, a game was released that changed the landscape of arcade racing forever. Burnout Paradise, developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts, redefined […]