Dredge Review – Grant Us Eels

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Dredge, a popular Magic: The Gathering archetype, has been a force to be reckoned with in the Modern format for quite some time. With its ability to rapidly fill the graveyard and generate card advantage, Dredge decks have consistently been a top contender in competitive play. One of the latest additions to the Dredge arsenal is the “Grant Us Eels” build, which incorporates a unique strategy centered around the utilization of Eel spells. In this article, we will take a closer look at this intriguing Dredge variant and explore its strengths, weaknesses, and overall viability in the current Modern metagame.

Unleashing the Eels – The Basics of Grant Us Eels

At its core, Grant Us Eels Dredge is built around the interaction between cards like Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam, and Creeping Chill, which are staple cards in traditional Dredge decks. However, what sets Grant Us Eels apart is its utilization of Eel spells such as Deep Analysis, Driven // Despair, and Chart a Course. These spells allow the deck to dig deeper into its library, filter its draws, and generate additional card advantage, all while fueling the graveyard for its Dredge synergies.

The engine of the deck revolves around casting Eel spells from the graveyard using flashback or jump-start, triggering the abilities of Narcomoeba and Prized Amalgam, and ultimately putting a substantial amount of power onto the battlefield for a massive swing in momentum. With careful sequencing and resource management, the deck can chain together multiple spells in a single turn, generating a flurry of triggers and overwhelming the opponent with an army of hasty creatures.

Strengths of Grant Us Eels Dredge

One of the key strengths of Grant Us Eels Dredge is its explosiveness. The deck has the potential to generate a significant amount of power on the battlefield in just a single turn, catching opponents off guard and leaving them struggling to recover. The combination of dredging cards into the graveyard, casting Eel spells from the graveyard, and triggering the abilities of Narcomoeba and Prized Amalgam can create an overwhelming board presence that can quickly close out games.

Another strength of Grant Us Eels Dredge is its versatility. The deck has a high level of redundancy in its game plan, with multiple ways to dredge cards into the graveyard, generate card advantage, and trigger its key creatures. This flexibility allows the deck to adapt to various matchups and strategies, making it a formidable opponent in a diverse metagame.

Weaknesses of Grant Us Eels Dredge

While Grant Us Eels Dredge has its strengths, it also has its weaknesses. One of the main vulnerabilities of the deck is its reliance on the graveyard. Many decks in the Modern format run graveyard hate cards such as Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, or Surgical Extraction, which can significantly disrupt the deck’s game plan and cripple its ability to generate card advantage from the graveyard. Additionally, decks with fast and aggressive strategies can sometimes overwhelm Grant Us Eels before it has a chance to establish its engine, leaving it on the back foot.

Another weakness of the deck is its vulnerability to disruption. Counterspells, hand disruption spells, and removal spells can all disrupt the deck’s key spells and creatures, disrupting its game plan and hindering its ability to generate value from its graveyard interactions. Skilled opponents who are aware of the deck’s game plan and sideboard accordingly can pose a significant challenge for Grant Us Eels Dredge players.

Viability in the Modern Metagame

Despite its weaknesses, Grant Us Eels Dredge has shown promising results in the Modern metagame. The unique combination of Dredge and Eel spells has caught the attention of many players and has proven to be a viable and competitive option in the current Modern metagame. Its explosiveness and versatility make it a potent choice for players who enjoy a proactive and fast-paced playstyle.

Furthermore, Grant Us Eels Dredge has the advantage of being a relatively unexpected and unconventional strategy. Many opponents may not be prepared to face the unique interactions and sequencing that this deck offers, giving skilled pilots of the deck an edge in gameplay. Additionally, the deck has room for customization and experimentation, allowing players to adapt the deck to their own playstyle and the specific metagame they expect to face.

That being said, the deck is not without its challenges. Graveyard hate is prevalent in the Modern format, and opponents who are prepared with cards that exile or disrupt the graveyard can greatly hinder the deck’s performance. Additionally, the deck’s reliance on specific synergies and its vulnerability to disruption can make it a challenging deck to pilot effectively, requiring careful decision-making and sequencing to maximize its potential.

In conclusion, Grant Us Eels Dredge is a unique and intriguing variant of the Dredge archetype in Modern. Its combination of Dredge and Eel spells offers explosive and versatile gameplay, with the potential to catch opponents off guard and generate significant advantage. While it has its weaknesses and challenges to overcome, it has shown promise in the current Modern metagame and is a viable option for players who enjoy proactive and unconventional strategies. With skilled piloting and careful consideration of the metagame, Grant Us Eels Dredge can be a formidable deck choice for Modern players looking to shake up the meta and surprise their opponents.

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